Treasure hunter: how to protect a metal detector cable from moisture

how to protect the metal detector cable from moisture How to do it

A metal detector, like any technique, has its weak points. And the most important of these is the cable entry jack from the coil. In many models, it is located at the bottom of the control unit. At the same time, it is far from always sufficiently protected. Therefore, it is important for the digger to take care of this himself.

Why do this? The fact is that when moisture enters the nest, the device either completely fails, or it simply does not work very well. And this can happen due to rain and even fog, not to mention puddles or searching on the beach near the water.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to protect the nest with improvised means. The easiest option is to use a regular bike frame, glue and tape. Let’s consider the sequence of actions.

You should start with the camera. A rectangle should be cut out of it, which is then glued to the side of the search device so that the rubber covers the lower part almost completely and even “climbs” a little behind the block. After that, you also need to cut out a cylinder, the length of which is about seven centimeters (the exact dimensions depend on the model of your metal detector). Such a cylinder is put on the cable itself from the coil where it already enters the plug. In this case, the margin should be about two to three centimeters, which go beyond the cable. And from above, this protection should be wrapped with insulating tape, securing it in this way. This completes the work.

With this protection, the metal detector is not afraid of either snow or rain. Even more. If the device falls into water or just plunges into it a little, then moisture will not get into this connection due to reliable protection. Of course, this does not mean that you can forget about using covers on the unit. It will not even be superfluous to take an ordinary package with you. But already such protection is enough to worry less about your device and feel more relaxed and confident on the hunt, spending time on the search.

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