How to get rid of dandruff

How to get rid of dandruff How to do it

At least once in our life, but each of us has dandruff on our heads, and as always, not at the right moment. But many women think that dandruff is only aesthetically ugly, but “snow” in the hair in most cases indicates that something has gone wrong in our body.

Dandruff also appears in the case of self-separation of the skin on the head, and this is already called an infection that is caused by streptococci and fungi. I must also say that you can get seborrhea if you use someone else’s combs and towels.

But if you have already been struck by this unpleasant disease, then you cannot ignore it and think that after washing your head with a special shampoo, everything will go away – it will not go away, maybe it will let go for a while, but it won’t go away. Dandruff needs to be treated with home remedies.

Here are some recipes to help you get rid of dandruff.

Garlic applique

This simple method helps to get rid of dandruff quite quickly. To prepare a garlic applique, you need to take one teaspoon of sour cream, castor oil, chalk and mayonnaise. Mix all this together and put one clove of garlic there, which must be passed through a press. Massage this mass into the scalp once a week for 45 days.

Pepper tincture

You can also use hot pepper and alcohol tincture to fight dandruff. Take a pod of red pepper, fill it with one glass of water and 250 grams of alcohol or vodka, let stand for a week. Then rub this infusion into the scalp 1-2 times a week before washing.

Nettle tincture

If you have oily dandruff on your head, then nettles will help you. Pick up the nettle, cut it – there should be at least 100 grams of chopped leaves. Then pour 500 grams of 6% vinegar and 500 grams of water over the nettle. Then strain the infusion and wash your hair, but without using shampoo or soap. You need to wash your hair with this tincture for 10 days.

Tansy tincture

Take 1 tablespoon of chopped tansy stems and flowers, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water over and leave for 3 hours. After the time has passed, strain the infusion and wash your hair without soap and shampoo. With this infusion, you need to wash your hair every other day for a month.

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