How to choose the right ski suit?

How to choose the right ski suit? How to do it

Buying clothing for outdoor activities in ski resorts is a rather difficult process. Materials for the manufacture of these products always undergo special laboratory tests, but their results are often reflected on labels using abbreviations and symbols that are obscure to an ordinary user. It should be remembered that a high-quality ski suit will always be worth the money, since it has a rather complex structure. Too cheap models may not meet the expectations of tourists, especially when it comes to long walks in harsh climates.

What parameters of ski clothing are the most important?

Among them, most often stand out:

– Consideration of the three-layer principle. Buying a three-layer jacket is unlikely to be a good decision, since at increased loads and temperatures close to zero, the climber will be very hot. Insulation is most often purchased separately, and fleece vests, shirts or sweatshirts are used as it.

– Checking jackets for the presence of a membrane. It will prevent the top layer from getting wet and the rapid removal of moisture.

– Selection of products according to the parameters of steam and water resistance in accordance with the types of loads and weather conditions. This will allow you to enjoy mountain walks both in severe frosts and in wet snow.

– Refusal to purchase expensive modern models with a large number of components. Most often they are intended for professional winter sports and preparation for serious competitions. For amateurs and beginners, classic suits are suitable, which, at a relatively reasonable cost, can provide the necessary level of comfort and protection from adverse weather factors.

It should also be remembered that many ski suits cannot be washed and dried on home batteries. Upon heating and mechanical stress, thin fibers of polypropylene materials and membranes may break, and the product will lose its valuable characteristics.

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