How to choose decorative cosmetics depending on your skin type?

How to choose decorative cosmetics depending on your skin type? How to do it

Decorative cosmetics were used in ancient times, although then they were more of a ritual nature, and were practically not used regularly.

Nowadays, the assortment of decorative cosmetics is quite wide, from cheap and low-quality products to high-quality products from reputable manufacturers.

Depending on the quality of the products used, it depends on whether the use of cosmetics will bring the desired effect and benefit to the skin or add unnecessary problems such as comedones and allergies. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right cosmetics, taking into account all the features of the skin and individual intolerance to certain substances.

For example, for oily skin, a mattifying toner should be applied under make-up and the cosmetics that contain minerals should be chosen. Instead of foundation, it is better to use loose powder, which absorbs excess fat. Do not use glitter powder.

With dry skin, on the contrary, you need constant hydration, including before make-up; to correct the tone, you should use a moisturizing foundation or compact powder.

For sensitive skin, it is best to choose cosmetics that contain minerals, but without fragrances – these are unnecessary preservatives. The best option is to buy cosmetics for sensitive skin from pharmacies. It is better to choose the highest quality makeup products. It is better to use eyeshadow without glitter, which can cause irritation.

It is better to select cosmetics for combination skin separately for each problem area, taking into account all its features. As a last resort, you can use a compact powder of light texture.

For aging skin, a make-up base should be selected with reflective particles, but no glitter. The foundation should be taken in two shades at once: light, which will hide wrinkles and a natural shade to even out the tone of the face. Lip gloss should be replaced with lipstick, and bright shadows with shades of neutral matte colors, without glitter.

With the right choice of decorative cosmetics, you can hide the flaws and emphasize all the advantages of the face, create any suitable image without harm to the skin.

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