How to choose a whistle kettle

How to choose a whistle kettle How to do it

If you recently burned the kettle, for some reason forgetting it on the switched on burner, then you will undoubtedly appreciate the advantage of models equipped with a whistle. After the water boils, the whistle will give you a sound signal that it’s time to take a little break from business, turn off the kettle and enjoy tea.

The models of whistle kettles for gas stoves are quite diverse. In addition to the material of which the teapot is made, the whistles themselves differ in their design and properties. Considering the teapot you like, ask what material the whistle is made of. Ordinary plastic is short-lived, literally in a few months it can melt, and replacing one whistle with another is not so easy. But a whistle made of a special heat-resistant material will last much longer. Many kettles have a whistle that must be removed before pouring water into another container, which many people perceive as an inconvenience. With the design, when you do not need to remove the whistle from the kettle, pay attention to the button that opens the water hole. On some models, it is too high to burn your hand. In order not to get burned, pay attention to the lid, which should fit snugly against the kettle, and to the handle material. Today, in addition to plastic and metal, handles are made of bakelite and silicone, which are pleasant to the touch and hardly get warm.

Do not lose sight of the material from which the kettle itself is made. For example, glass teapots are certainly beautiful, but still short-lived. It is not very practical to buy an enamel teapot. Despite the beautiful colors, a wide variety of configurations and sizes, scale still cannot be avoided. The aluminum kettle, of course, is not so attractive in appearance, but it is inexpensive and will not surprise you in the form of scale. But aluminum itself does not belong to absolutely safe materials, besides, such kettles do not differ in a very long service life. But the stainless steel kettle combines an attractive appearance, safety and heat resistance. Of course, the surface of this product will require care using only mild detergents. But on the other hand, if this requirement is met, a stainless steel kettle will be able to serve you for many years.

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