How to choose a washing machine?

How to choose a washing machine? How to do it

There is such a choice of equipment in stores that you will inevitably get confused when you come to buy. Even if you know exactly what you need, after the sellers begin to praise their product, you can buy something completely different from what you wanted. Therefore, let’s understand in advance the intricacies of choosing a washing machine.

Choosing a washing machine:

Front-facing washing machines are in great demand. These are cars with an opening door. Because of the door, they need extra space, but they can be built in. There are models that are quite compact, but with a smaller drum volume, i.e. with less load of laundry. Models of washing machines with top loading take up very little space, while the load of laundry is up to 7 kg and there is no need for space to open the door.

If you have decided on the choice of the type, you need to estimate what price it is desirable to meet. Quite good washing machines can be inexpensive if they have a standard set of functions. Up to 5 kg, loading and spinning up to 1000 rpm. But there are also additional functions, for example, “winter” is designed for washing jackets and blankets, and “easy ironing” – for less creasing of things, and there is also a mode for starching linen.

Washing machine care:

And finally, a couple of tips that will prevent damage to your assistant and wear and tear of things.

– It is better to wash large and small things separately, so they are better wrung out and the machine does not vibrate.

– If you wash on a delicate cycle, it is better to halve the amount of laundry.

– Before washing, fasten zippers and buttons so as not to damage the drum, and it is better to wash things with small details and different laces and belts in a bag. This will prevent them from falling under the drum.

– To prevent the washing machine from failing ahead of time, do not store dirty laundry in it, otherwise mold will appear.

– Do not use a powder that is not intended for machine washing, because other powders have increased foaming and you may well be flooded.

Well, that seems to be all the secrets, now choose a familiar brand and your work will become easier and more enjoyable.

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