How to choose a wallet?

How to choose a wallet? How to do it

A wallet is a necessary accessory for any person. If at the entrance to the “Leather goods” department your eyes are dazzled by the abundance of all kinds of models, and you cannot make a choice, try to use the advice offered by the wise Chinese science of Feng Shui.

Choosing a wallet:

In this teaching, the wallet is rightly called the “house for money.” If you want money to come to you, they should feel your concern and a desire to create good conditions for them. Therefore, you should not buy a wallet where the bills will have to be folded. They should be conveniently placed when unfolded. It is desirable that there are different compartments in the wallet for large and small bills.

In addition to space for banknotes, there should be a special pocket for coins, compartments for plastic cards. The science of Feng Shui says that it is better to give up the habit of carrying photographs of your loved ones in your wallet. They delay the flow of monetary energy. Moreover, the stay of the picture in the house of money can lead to the appearance in these people of such a negative quality as stinginess.

Big money can only be attracted by a beautifully decorated, expensive wallet that has the appropriate energy. Cheap options can only attract poverty.

The material from which the wallet is made must be natural, the “dead” synthetic options trap monetary energy. A worthy material can be not only leather, but also linen, silk, fur.

The color of the wallet that will attract money is also important. It must correspond to the shades of the elements that Wealth obeys – Earth and Metal. For the right wallet, black, brown, gold, silver, gray, white are ideal.

Listen to the advice of ancient science, provide your money with decent conditions, and they will definitely reach out to you.

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