How and with what to wear dresses correctly

How and with what to wear dresses correctly How to do it

Any everyday dresses should, first of all, in every possible way focus on the merits of the female figure, hiding her flaws, if any. But, since in this case we are talking about the category of clothes that we wear every day or just quite often, then you need to buy a casual dress only after making sure that it does not hinder movement and does not interfere with comfortable movement. Today, the vast majority of dresses are made of wool and knitwear, which stretch perfectly. Consequently, they are convenient a priori to miscalculate when buying this, it is extremely difficult.

The most fashionable length variations are as follows:

– to the knee

– maxi

In all other variations, long casual dresses are already out of fashion. But, jersey is still true to the maxi length. As for the silhouette, it can be loose or fitted. Knitwear and wool are soft fabrics, therefore they perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure.

The most fashionable casual dresses

If we talk about the ratio of beauty and comfort, then everyday clothes, including the same dresses, can be fashionable and beautiful. In addition to the actual knitwear and wool, dresses can also be sewn from dense and warm, but not stretchy fabrics. In this case, the most unusual of them will have the following features:

– asymmetrical bottom;

– corset with a fluffy skirt;

– straight silhouette with an abundance of decorative details;

– trapezoidal from the chest.

If you look at casual dresses, you will notice that they are complemented by various decorative details. At the height of fashion, collars and cuffs, embroidered with beads or faux pearls. Embroidery looks good, because dresses in ethnic style have long and firmly settled in the closets of most of the fair sex.

Winter dresses

Winter with its cold weather dictates its own conditions of clothing. But, this does not mean at all that winter excludes everyday dresses, as such. Most often they look like elongated sweaters or tunics. Large, even somewhat coarse and rustic knitting is in fashion. A vest or a wide belt is perfect for such dresses. But a narrow belt against their background will simply be lost, so it should be postponed for another time. Large beads and bracelets made of semi-precious stones, or even wooden jewelry, are worn for such warm winter dresses.

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