High-altitude work. How to clean windows at height?

How to do it

Modern buildings have a wide variety of designs, which leads to the need to individually approach each order for cleaning the facade or windows of high-rise buildings. Currently, there are several ways to solve this problem:

1. Wash the inside of the windows if they open. With a small window size, this problem can be easily solved. However, in the presence of large windows and the need to protrude outward, especially when it is impossible to reach not only with a hand, but also with special devices, the task becomes more complicated and becomes traumatic. In this case, you already need to resort to the services of professionals who know how to work at height, and not risk the life and health of your own or your employees.

2. Use scaffolding, tour or aerial platform to access the height. This method is good if climbers cannot attach on the roof. After all, not all roofs are suitable for industrial mountaineering. Moreover, this method is good to use if these devices are already standing after construction, repair or installation work. For some types of such work, forests are much better suited than mountaineering. However, often the features of the adjacent territory or its absence at all make the use of aerial platforms or forests impossible.

3. Use special equipment for washing facades and windows at a height from the ground. Such a device is a high-pressure apparatus and a telescopic pole through which the cleaning solution is fed upward. On top of the pole, wash nozzles are put on. This method does not make it possible to wash as efficiently as it is done with direct access to the surface, however, it is simply irreplaceable when washing stained-glass windows, to which you cannot go down from the roof with insurance and you cannot put scaffolding, a tour or an aerial platform in front of them. It is sometimes possible to put on the outside, but from the inside it will not work. In addition, this method is faster and less expensive. And cleaning companies actively use it, especially since a lot of specialized equipment has recently begun to appear on the market.

4. Use industrial mountaineering. The main condition is the ability to gain a foothold on the roof. Often the roofs of buildings are not adapted to accommodate climbers, so you have to invent ways. If it is not possible to find a safe solution, then the work of climbers becomes impossible. It is for this purpose that all managers of cleaning companies first inspect the building, and first of all the roof, and then talk about the possibility of climbing work and their price. If the option of industrial mountaineering turns out to be impossible, other methods are considered.

The ability to comprehensively, using a wide range of methods, to approach the solution of the issue of washing facades and windows at a height is a great competitive advantage.

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