Cork as a special kind of wood

Cork as a special kind of wood How to do it

Cork flooring is very popular among homeowners. And this is not surprising, since this floor covering has one important quality – durability. But not only that. Along with it, this coating is safe to use. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly material.

One of the advantages of cork is that it does not change in size. The absence of permanent deformation is another important advantage that this material possesses. Styrofoam is unreliable because it crumples easily. If you use a tree, then with prolonged use, it can crack. Cork is the best option. This coating is not afraid of the pressure of furniture legs, heels, as well as heavy objects. Due to the cushioning properties of this coating, it easily resumes its original shape.

Those people who are involved in jogging are well aware that running on asphalt is not beneficial, but harmful, since it has an extremely negative effect on the spine. It is much more useful to run along the path in the park. Cork has a similar property. By using it, diseases of the spine are excluded in people living in a home in which there is such coverage. The cork is also used in children’s rooms. This is a clear evidence of the harmlessness to the health of this coating.

Continuing the conversation about the properties of cork, it must be said that it, laid in the rooms, is the key to good relations with your neighbors, since it has sound-absorbing properties. It should also be noted such qualities as wear resistance and high strength. Its important quality is that it does not cause allergies. Adhesives are not used in the manufacturing process. The cork does not absorb moisture, it does not become moldy.

In addition, this coating does not rot and is not attacked by rodents. In urban apartments, cork is an irreplaceable floor covering. The use of cork in the home allows you to create coziness and provide comfort during living. Having made a choice in favor of this coverage, you will not regret your choice.

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