Security video surveillance: how to protect yourself from intruders

How to do it

One of the most popular technical means to ensure the safety of your property is the use of video surveillance, which will reduce the possibility of unauthorized entry. Each video surveillance system consists of a video camera, a recording device or video recorder, as well as a playback device – a monitor. The main task of the video camera is to take pictures of the surrounding area and transfer the video image to a recording device, which displays the video on the monitor.

Video surveillance systems are wireless and wired. Also, video surveillance systems are divided into digital and analog, and digital systems are more modern, but their cost is much higher than analog ones.

With the help of video surveillance systems, you can secure both a private house, apartment, and the office and territory of large companies and organizations. Video surveillance can be carried out for all offices that are in your office.

Usually companies that sell video surveillance systems provide services for its installation at the facility and subsequent maintenance.

For the protection of office premises, shops and restaurants, video cameras are most often used, which are made in the form of a dome. They are named after the shape of the camera body. Dome cameras usually fit well into the interior of any room, the popularity of using such a video camera is due to the fact that it is impossible to determine in which direction the camera lens is located.

If you want to install a dome camera for surveillance at night, then you need to purchase an infrared dome camera.

There are such premises that are often subject to vandalism; special vandal-resistant dome cameras are installed in them. For objects that require a wide angle of view, dome cameras with a varifocal lens are best suited.

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