How to choose the right wedding dress?

How to choose the right wedding dress? How to do it

A wedding is the most desirable day for many girls. And its main attribute is, of course, a wedding dress. This is what makes the bride so charming and especially beautiful. At first glance, it may seem that wedding dresses are very similar, and it will not be difficult to choose one of them. But in reality, choosing a wedding dress is not an easy task, which can take a lot of time, and also require patience and strength from the bride.

Four tips

Before you go to the store to choose a dress, it will be useful to draw up an approximate image for yourself: color, length, silhouette. This will help you not to get lost in the variety of the offered assortment and not succumb to the tricks of the sellers.

– Colour. Of course, a classic wedding dress should be white. But even this color has its own shades. Snow white dresses are rarely really girls’ dresses. The shade must be selected based on the color of the skin and hair. On dark-skinned brides, champagne-colored dresses look good, and blondes can be advised to buy outfits with a slight touch of magenta.

– Silhouette. There are 4 dress silhouettes. Most often, girls choose an A-line dress that expands downward. For fragile brides, a princess-type dress with a very fluffy skirt or rings is suitable. “Mermaid” is a very effective version of the silhouette, but looks good only on slender and tall girls. “Empire”, or Greek dress, has a loose fit – very comfortable, but not suitable for all brides.

– Length. A classic wedding dress ends 2 – 3 centimeters from the floor, then it will be comfortable to walk in it. But recently, girls have often started wearing short wedding dresses. You need to be careful with such a length, since lace and openwork fabric will emphasize all the imperfections of the legs that were not visible in ordinary clothes.

– Sleeves. Usually the wedding dress catalog is full of outfits with strapless or sleeveless corsets. But many brides are afraid that the dress may fall during the celebration. This will not happen if the corset is properly laced up, so a dress with sleeves should be taken only for aesthetic reasons.

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