How to choose and wear leggings

How to choose and wear leggings How to do it

Leggings have become an indispensable element of every modern girl’s wardrobe. And there is nothing to be surprised here, however, since these stylish leggings are not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful, and choosing them for a certain image, you can interestingly complement it.

However, when choosing leggings, you should be as careful as possible so that your purchase pleases you, as well as the eyes of others.

Today there are a huge number of models, different colors, with inserts, leather leggings, denim leggings – all this is quite in demand among girls. However, in pursuit of fashion, it is important to understand that what suits one girl may not always look beautiful on another, so it is important to find the model that suits you.

So, the color of the leggings plays a huge role in creating your look. Versatile models are black, dark gray, dark blue and maroon. Less often people wear light leggings, because, as you know, they can be pretty fat, visually adding extra inches on the hips. Thus, only girls with perfectly slender legs can afford leggings in warm light colors.

If you want your legs to look thinner and longer, then, of course, you should choose models in black and dark gray. Leggings with prints should also be chosen very carefully. For example, everyone understands that a horizontal strip will visually shorten growth, but a horizontal one, on the contrary, will increase. But at the same time, if you want to buy horizontal striped leggings, then your legs should be perfectly straight, and they are not suitable for medium, tall girls.

Leggings with patterns and flowers can also play a cruel joke. A small pattern may hide the extra centimeters in the hips, but large patterns, on the contrary, will make the lower part of your body even heavier.

Colored leggings should also be worn only if they match the color of at least one element of the pattern on your outfit. If you wear a dress or tunic with prints, then leggings must be monotonous, preferably in restrained colors. And remember that leggings are not pants, they are not an independent wardrobe element, so they can only be worn with a tunic, elongated shirts and sweaters, and dresses.

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